Recruitment drives indicate a positive outlook for 2017

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Pendragon PLC, the parent company behind the Evans Halshaw and Stratstone dealerships, recently announced plans for a big recruitment drive before the end of 2016. This has followed investments in facilities across the UK, including numerous workshops.

The employer currently has a 9,000 strong workforce spread across the UK and is looking to add 300 additional vehicle technicians to this. They are creating the roles with an eye on next year and the continued performance of vehicle sales and aftercare services.

The company will be looking for both experienced vehicle technicians and apprentices during their automotive recruitment push. This means there will be a variety of different positions up for grabs covering different skill levels. This will make them appeal to a wider audience of applicants. Roles will be available all across the UK too.

The fact that Pendragon is recruiting is a big positive for the sector, particularly with such a negative outlook reported earlier in the year. In fact the company even commented that there had not been a significant change in buyer behaviour. People are still buying vehicles, choosing after-sales services at established dealerships, and next year looks positive. This is why they are looking to expand their team for next year.

At John Gibson Associates we are always proud to share news about employers looking at automotive recruitment. It is even nicer when we get to do it at times when people are worried about the situation in the industry. The news can help to encourage people to look at careers in the sector from a positive position.

As a long standing recruiter for the sector with many years of experience behind us we understand that the industry can fluctuate a great deal. We are always here to provide recruitment advice and support though, helping businesses to address their needs and find the best staff. Clients from across the UK rely on us and appreciate our unparalleled professionalism.