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Recruitment strategies come in many different forms, depending on the needs of the company at that particular time. There isn’t a single solution that will work for everybody and a great deal of thought needs to go into deciding what is needed and how it can be achieved. One of the biggest challenges is deciding where to position adverts to ensure they attract the right people. This will depend on the sector they are in and the particular role in question.

Recruiting is always more challenging in highly skilled industries, such as the automotive and technology sectors. There are two reasons for this, primarily the fact that the number of potential applicants is smaller. A small supply increases demand and means companies need to compete to choose suitable staff. In many cases they need to invest in talent and recruit people at a younger age to stave off other interest.

The second reason it that can be difficult to recruit in high value sectors is that reaching out to candidates is harder. With retail jobs on the high street, companies can put notices in windows and attract interest very easily. This practise won’t work in value sectors and they need to recruit through specific mediums if they want to attract the best people. To do this they need to find the right job boards and industry specific sites to use. Alongside these they may also choose to work with experienced recruiters in the field.

The number of different mediums companies can use to recruit staff has increased in recent years. Firstly we had the internet making it easier for companies to reach out to a wider audience. Next came social media and the ability to communicate directly with individuals. Sites like Linked In are particularly useful because they are professional and allow people to build networks. Companies can also see the skills and experience of users with a few clicks.

Deciding on which channels to use is important when creating a recruitment strategy for automotive jobs. By planning in advance you can reduce costs, ensuring you don’t waste time investing in areas that won’t produce interest. It will also help to shape other parts of your strategy, particularly in terms of scheduling for interviews and the next stages.

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