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Automotive recruitment has been our passion for many years now. We formed our company in order to improve the insufficient recruitment techniques that were prevalent within the sector. The automotive industry offers countless opportunities, especially for passionate and highly motivated individuals. It offers the potential for career advancement and long term success, which is why it is important that the candidates we recruit have a genuine desire to contribute to the industry and the capability to empathise with and understand its internal logic.

The automotive industry dictates a determination to progress. Long hours, hard work and pressure are a huge part of it and those that seamlessly blend in or successfully adapt and adjust to its culture have every chance of longevity and success. The motor trade is more of a calling than a form of employment. It consistently delivers exciting new challenges, and demands individuals that can stand the pace.

We discovered the secret to successful automotive recruitment long ago. The key ingredient is confidentiality. Every business client and candidate needs the peace of mind that comes from knowing their recruitment agency is protecting their information and preserving their integrity. Mass distribution of client and candidate details is an erroneous move, and we knew that this kind of practice was a world away from the carefully focused methods the industry was crying out for.

When we established our company many years ago our new and revolutionary approach was met with surprise and amazement. 25 years on, we have established ourselves as the trusted name for the supply of high quality candidates to the motor trade. Our aim is to constantly contribute to the success of the industry by recruiting the right individuals for all manner of motor trade jobs.

We begin the automotive recruitment process by visiting your location to assess the talents and capabilities your particular business is in need of. Our role is to source the candidates that will contribute to the continued expansion of your business. Your business and your employee need to benefit each other, and we do all we possibly can to send you the candidates that are ideally suited to your company. We strive to deliver the very best service to our clients, and we consistently have a positive impact on a competitive market that demands high calibre individuals. Call us to discuss all your recruitment needs and let us assist you.