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Jaguar Land Rover currently employs around 25,000 staff in the UK and has plans in place to recruit more numbers in the future. They offer jobs in a number of roles, from design and manufacturing to administrative and back office positions. Their workforce is highly skilled and has a great passion for the work they do.

As part of the recruitment JLR would like to hire around 1,000 veterans who have served in the British military and want to embark on a new career when they leave the service. The company made this announcement to coincide with the beginning of the 2016 Invictus Games. The sporting event is being held in Florida, US on its second anniversary. Jaguar Land Rover is a major sponsor of the Games and supports the great work that is being done. A target of 2020 for the recruitment has been set.

JLR will provide first rate training for all of their new recruits thanks to their Learning Academy. The facility opened in 2015, becoming the first of its kind in the automotive sector in the UK. It allows the company to offer training programmes to suit all kinds of needs, including those of veterans who have served their country. Over £100 million is invested every year in training and skills development to ensure that the workforce at Jaguar Land Rover is amongst the very best in the industry.

The company currently employs 200 ex servicemen in the UK and has been impressed with the attitude and skills they bring to new roles. Expanding their recruitment to attract more personnel from a similar background is a great move and can offer huge benefits to the business.

JLR recently celebrated the fourth month of consecutive increases in sales, seeing a total rise of 24% over 2015. Several new records have been set, including the best April performance and the highest number of total sales. The success of the company is leading them to create more and more new jobs.

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