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Chiefs from major recruitment bodies have called on the UK Government to provide a swift resolution to the uncertainty that has arisen as a result of the hung Parliament. Both the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) have come out to state how important it is that a decision is reached quickly.

The uncertainty that is caused as a result of the political climate could have an impact on the permanent and flexible labour markets. The longer it takes for a decision to be made the more significant this could be.

The REC has called for an agreement that will prioritise prosperity and job creation. They have even offered to work with policy makers to help build a jobs market that would be amongst the strongest in the whole world. APSCo wants the decision to be made in a way that promotes stability. Both would be great for the economy and could promote more investment from businesses.

At John Gibson Associates we have specific focus on motor trade recruitment. This is an industry that can be heavily influenced by political decisions and suffer greatly due to uncertainty. Fortunately we maintain the fantastic level of service we offer through tricky times, ensuring we continue to support our clients effectively.

Although there is uncertainty the demand for staff is still high due to the number of vacancies that are available and the ongoing skills shortage. Some employers may delay their recruitment cycles until a solution is made but investing in talent for the future remains very important.

If you need help with motor trade recruitment and want to work with a specialist focused on the sector please contact us. We can create the perfect service to suit any need, adapting to meet different staffing needs and recruiting goals. Our focus is always on delivering the best results for the client.