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To tackle the recruitment process in the correct way, you need to make sure that the prospective candidates are appropriate for the role. Our team at John Gibson Associates understands this like no other company and so we have multiple examinations in place to test the qualities of the candidates.

Employee costs are one of the most challenging aspects of the automotive industry. Businesses have to get the balance between keeping costs down and paying salaries high enough to attract the right people. According to BDO’s Motor Retail Motor Salary Survey 2015, the biggest change in automotive pay the previous year was at the top level, with chief executives receiving a 39% pay increase to £181,000. Over the same period, finance directors’ pay increased 19% to £138,000. Dealer groups have to pay big money to attract the best people with pay as high as £306,000 for chief executives and commands of £258,000 for finance directors.

The fact that pay is going up for senior positions has resulted in manufacturers becoming more involved in the recruitment process. Getting the right people to please the franchise is becoming harder due to the scarcity of people with the highest talents. Finding the right recruits in general can be difficult in the automotive industry but fortunately, our recruitment specialists at John Gibson have a series of tests in place to determine a candidate’s suitability for their preferred role.

A positive contribution in a competitive industry such as this is something only the most committed of individuals can produce. We visit every client at their workplace in order to completely understand the skills and competencies needed for the role and find the candidate with the most relevant qualities.

Over the years, our specialist automotive recruitment company has helped fill company vacancies with only the highest quality of staff. With our personality profile questionnaire, sales test and safety test in place, the best candidates are given the chance to shine among the rest and prove themselves worthy of your company.