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An important thing to remember when it comes to automotive recruitment is that success always boils down to selecting and retaining the right people. If you make mistakes you could find yourself appointing unsuitable candidates or failing to keep hold of the best people. The latter is more possible than ever with an increasing number of companies competing for staff and ready to recruit from their competitors.

Recruiting the right people becomes even more important in terms of customer service roles. With these positions you need to ensure that the people you hire have the right skills to address the unique needs of customers and serve them effectively. If they don’t the reputation of your whole business could suffer.

People in customer service roles, whether it is sales, aftercare, or even technicians taking care of vehicle repairs, need to have the skills to deal with people. As a result empathy, passion, integrity, and good judgement are all necessary.

Finding candidates with the above skills can take time, particularly if you want to learn as much as possible about them before you offer a position. As a result one of the biggest mistakes businesses can make is rushing and leaving automotive recruitment too late. It is better to take time, plan effectively, and avoid mistakes.

At John Gibson Associates we can surprisingly help businesses to find out more about candidates whilst also saving them time. We achieve this with our database of candidates and by conducting a series of tests whenever we recruit someone. We are always actively working, scouring the market for people looking for a variety of roles. As a result at any one time we may already have information about the ideal candidate for you.

If you would like to find out more about our services or what we have learned about recruiting the best customer service people please get in touch.