Record Success Levels Achieved In The British Used Car Market

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When the sustained success of the British motor trade sector is discussed it’s usually the case that two key areas are highlighted. These are the number of vehicle units produced and the number of new car sales. Whilst these areas are indeed of crucial significance, it is important to make sure other areas of success are not overlooked. One particular area is the used car market.

The facts and figures for 2016 so far have shown that we are on course for another year of sustainable growth across the motor industry. Records have been broken in a number of areas, and the used car market is no exception to this. In the first half of the year nearly 4.2 million used vehicles were sold. This is the highest ever level for the first six months, and further the first time the four million sales number has been broken. As a means of comparison, the number of new cars recorded as sold during the same period was just slightly below 1.5 million.

If the figure for new cars sold is considered a sign that the automotive sector is in a very healthy position, then the performance in the used and second hand car market surely amplifies this. From our perspective the importance of the success in this particular market is in the way that it creates – and sustains – opportunities for motor trade jobs.

Perspectives have changed over the last few years in respect of the used car market. Whereas once it was regarded as a budget alternative, now it would be most common to see it being referred to as an affordable, viable way to buy a luxury vehicle. One of the biggest consequences of this perspective change has been the need to have better, more informed and far more capable staff employed in the sector. Over the years we have been delighted to provide the best possible staff for long term success in positions within the sector. We look forward to doing this for many more years yet.

A key component of the sustained success of the British automotive industry is that a strong performance is recorded in virtually every area of it. The success recorded in the used car market underlines this fact. At John Gibson Associates we are proud to support this and all sectors of the British motor industry with our recruitment services.