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For nearly three decades, our business has had the honour of supplying the very best candidates for the numerous vacancies that have existed in the motor industry in the UK. To help businesses save time, money and frustration, we interview and vet all prospective employees before we refer them to our clients. This sets us apart from other recruiters and has helped us as we built our reputation as a leader in our field.

As businesses evolve, different practices are put into place within the company to help improve profits and performance. The motor industry is no different and has seen big changes in terms of marketing and engaging with their target audience. Social media networks have brought businesses and consumers closer together, creating countless opportunities. Businesses have needed to look to staff with knowledge of these to make the right impact and create a sound strategy.

This year’s Motor Trader Industry Awards celebrated the work that companies have done in terms of social media. In fact they had a category specifically dedicated to it. The prize was won by a Ford franchise based across the North and East Midlands. They were one of six shortlisted finalists in the category and won because of their innovative and dynamic use of various channels.

The Motor Trader Industry Awards are prestigious and highly sought. That they have one specifically for social media usage shows how important the networks are to performance, particularly when it comes to customer service and building close relationships with audiences. Companies from across the motor industry can enjoy great rewards for investing in staff with good knowledge of the channels and the rewards they can offer.

At John Gibson Associates we have a huge amount of experience when it comes to recruiting the right people to take on motor industry jobs. We can work with clients to find the perfect person for each role, whether it is a technical one, related to customer service, regarding management, or for marketing. We have extensive experience and keep a close eye on the industry so we can offer up to date advice and recruitment services for all kinds of roles.