Recognising the equal abilities of every employee

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Determining the best recruits from the talent pools to fill motor industry jobs will not be easy without proper examination. Fortunately, our specialist recruitment team has a series of extensive tests in place to determine a candidate’s suitability for the role that they are interested in.

Women are as important in the motor industry as their male counterparts and as such they are also recognised for their achievements. At an Autocar awards event in Central London, the leading British women working in the global car industry have been celebrated. The Great British Women in the Car Industry awards might be a mouthful but they identified winners in ten categories, in addition to announcing the 100 most influential in the sector. The event is fantastic for showcasing the fact that talent is not gender specific.

Another prime goal of these awards is to raise the awareness of the many opportunities available in this sector. Businesses are looking for talent in production, engineering, design, retail roles, marketing and communication. While it’s true that investments have been made in regards to training and apprenticeships, many companies are struggling to recruit and keep up the pace of their growth. Approximately 5,000 vacancies have remained unfilled within the industry, with 19% of them being considered critical to operations. This is where recruitment specialists such as us come in handy as we not only offer the opportunity to search for vacancies, but we test each individual candidate’s suitability for their preferred role.

At John Gibson Associates we make sure that candidates have all of the right qualities that are required for this industry. Finding the right amount of talent isn’t a simple process, but with our help you can be assured that the recruits you choose are the correct ones. We work across the nation and have a database of very talented people. This means in many cases we can speed up the hiring process and ensure you get the best staff in place promptly.