Reasons to consider an automotive apprenticeship

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Leaving school can be a challenging time for young people as they try to decide on which path will be the best choice to lead them towards their chosen career. Apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly popular option, particularly in the last few years as university fees have increased. If you’re leaving school and are considering a future in the automotive industry, here are some of the reasons why an apprenticeship could be the right choice.

  • You’ll be learning on the job, gaining valuable skills and learning from professionals as you work. There’s no better way to learn about motor industry jobs than by doing, and an apprenticeship provides the perfect opportunity for hands-on experience.
  • You’ll be making valuable contacts within the industry, from company managers to clients. The network you build could serve you well as you progress through your career and many even lead to some unexpected opportunities.
  • There are apprenticeships available in many different areas of the motor trade business. Whether you want to learn business skills such as admin, sales or customer service, or are interested in a technical or engineering role, there is bound to be an apprenticeship that suits your specific interests.
  • You’ll be making yourself more appealing to future employers. Automotive companies tend to look favourably on people who have done apprenticeships, perceiving them as hard workers with practical experience and knowledge of working in an automotive environment. This is likely to give you a real edge over other applicants and boost your chances of landing the roles you want.
  • You’ll be taking steps into one of the UK’s most rapidly expanding and thriving industries. The world will always need cars and vehicles, and the industry will always need talented, skilled individuals with the ambition to make successful careers. By choosing an automotive apprenticeship, you could be setting yourself up for a truly rewarding and exciting career.