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Over the last few years, the number of people looking to find automotive jobs and careers has notably increased. For the most part, this is down to the impressive levels of growth experienced in the motor industry over the course of the last decade, with new sales and exports driving businesses forward to ever greater success. This growth has seen something of a skills shortage emerge, with many attractive positions needing to be filled. Getting the very best people into these positions is crucial to continued success, and finding them can be quite a challenge for companies. However, those companies who use and trust our service know that it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Candidates who register with us gain access to a motor trade recruitment process which is very different from what has come to be accepted as the norm. Whereas generic agencies tend to just thrust as many CVs as they can at businesses, we pride ourselves on working exclusively with key businesses in the automotive industry. We work to meet their requirements for talent and find top achievers who will perform to the highest levels for their company, instead of simply forwarding the details of a high number of candidates in the hope that one is suitable.

Businesses in the automotive industry trust us when we send candidates to them because of our evaluation processes. We offer a comprehensive profile of all the applicants we represent, allowing prospective employers to understand the individual beyond their technical skills and knowledge. We think an employee must have an outlook and disposition which complements that of the employer. To deliver this, our personality testing and competency measurements present a clear indication of not only which automotive jobs would be most suitable for them, but which companies too.

Although there are many jobs available in the motor industry at present, this doesn’t mean it is always straightforward for someone to secure employment in the sector. With strong competition for positions, you as an applicant need to ensure your profile is as visible and distinguished as possible to potential employers. Time and again, we have proved that when we are representing you, we can optimise your chances of finding the perfect position. If you’re seeking the best services for motor trade recruitment available in the UK, come to our team.