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John Gibson Associates formed 25 years ago with a very specific intention. We could see that the automotive industry was severely lacking when it came to sourcing suitable candidates for employment roles within the sector. Job seekers and clients alike were undoubtedly feeling the frustration of the substantial holes in the system. Complacency can become commonplace and with regards to recruitment the standards of practice were responsible for the substantial shortfalls. It is a staggering reality that potential candidates faced no process of interview prior to being sent to job interviews and there was no system of communication in place between the agencies and their candidates and clients.

When we decided to make significant changes to the automotive recruitment industry our intentions were met with some amazement. We were determined to provide a service to clients that they deserved but unfortunately had not received in the past. We wanted to implement reliable and professional policies that would satisfy the needs of the employer and the job seeker alike. We moved away from the methods that were in place and conceived of a new service that was able to reach all areas of the industry. We have successfully evolved over the years and the passage of time has revealed that clients were in desperate need of the changes we implemented. The fact that the process used to be conducted via telephone conversation was largely responsible for the consistent failure.

Our aim was always to provide transparency and peace of mind to everybody we worked with. We knew that was the missing ingredient, and the trusted relationships we build with our clients are based on a mutual recognition that the recruitment process needs to be executed with professionalism. We provide a service that is designed to gain full awareness of our clients and the needs of their companies. In return we agree on fees up front and provide detailed information on every aspect of our service. Clients let us know what they need and we let them know how we can deliver it.

Our pledge is to always tailor our service so we find the perfect people for automotive jobs. Every candidate can benefit from understanding the values that are prevalent within the company they are considering working for. As well as possessing the appropriate skills and personal qualities, it is rewarding for candidates to eventually feel they belong to the automotive establishment they join. Companies have their own internal cultures and traditions and when we find a place where we fit the possibilities for success in the automotive industry are endless. The industry is competitive but it offers limitless potential for personal and professional advancement in automotive jobs. The automotive sector entrusts its high calibre vacancies to us as we have an unmatched history of successfully recruiting the finest candidates available.