Public consultation for the IAMP development in Sunderland

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As we have previously mentioned in several past articles the North East of England is home to a thriving automotive sector. There are many businesses based here, benefitting from being in close proximity to each other. From Nissan to specialist manufacturers who create market leading products the region is highly attractive. This could increase further in the future.

Last month plans for the 100 hectare International Advanced Manufacturing Park (IAMP) moved on to the public consultation stage. The plan is a joint venture between Sunderland and South Tyneside Councils. It will see the creation of a new business park designed to attract businesses to the region and create jobs. The site will be based just a stone’s throw from the Nissan plant.

The aim is to establish the IAMP as a national hub for businesses from the automotive sector as well as fields like energy, low carbon technology, and logistics too. Those who choose to base themselves at the park will have access to a huge array of resources, including those that Nissan make use of. Amongst these is the fact they will be based near like-minded businesses and those from across the supply chain.

There is huge potential for the site in terms of job creation. In fact it is believed that up to 500 automotive jobs and roles in the other fields could be created each year from 2018 onwards. In total up to 5,200 positions could be created for the region.

The designs for the site lay out the vision for IAMP. The latest map shows where buildings will be positioned, how the road network will be laid out, and where space will be left for greenery and landscaping.

Public consultation is a very important stage in the project. It will give people from across the area the chance to give their opinions and raise any concerns. The period runs from 28th November to 16th January and there will be a number of events and roadshows to get people involved during this period.

At John Gibson Associates we understand the big benefits that projects like this can bring in terms of creating automotive jobs. There are several similar parks in strategic locations across the UK and they can enrich an area and the local economy. We will be watching out for the results at the end of the public consultation and the next steps in the project.