Psychometric testing can help secure your ideal candidate

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Psychometric tests are designed to identify an individual’s personality, aptitude or ability, and have been used in recruitment for many years. In fact, a large majority of FTSE 100 companies use psychometric tests to find the best candidates. Throughout the years these tests have constantly developed and changed. In a majority of cases today, tests are undertaken online. They’re often used as a form of preliminary screening by many companies and come in a few different forms.

With a personality test, there are no wrong or right answers, as they aim to understand personal type. Usually, they ask the user to select a chosen preference from a list such as whether they’d rather read or go to a party. Preparing for one of these tests is crucial to success and will allow you to discover the format and style in which the questions are laid out. As we mentioned earlier, it is impossible to answer incorrectly; the tests simply require you to answer as honestly as possible for the best reflection.

Aptitude or ability tests are another form of psychometric testing. These are designed to assess cognitive or reasoning ability and usually involve numerical tests, spatial reasoning, job-specific tests and verbal ones too. To prepare for one of these tests, you should practise as much as possible and see if there are industry specific tests that you can take. This will help you to learn what questions will be asked and also learn a bit more about yourself, identifying areas of personal strength and weakness.

We focus exclusively on motor trade recruitment, and excel at psychometric testing. Whether you are a candidate wishing to prove yourself in the industry, or part of an organisation that wants to further vet their candidates before hiring, we have the perfect solution for you. As a consultancy company run by experienced professionals with many years of experience, we can provide a service that is second to none and allow clients to find their ideal candidates.

One of our main priorities is to make sure that our clients are provided with candidates of high calibre to bring special qualities to their business. We have been delivering our motor trade recruitment solutions since 1987 and have built an extensive network of loyal clients over the years. With offices across the UK, we can assist any business or job seeker in need of our help.