PSA reaffirmed motor industry jobs will remain at Vauxhall

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Following their purchase of Vauxhall and Opel, alongside the European operations of General Motors (GM), PSG Group confirmed that they had plans for the Luton and Ellesmere Port facilities. They plan to honour the agreements already made by GM to the 4,500 staff and will also support the pension fund, thought to have a deficit of around £1 billion.

The owners of Peugeot were drawn to complete the purchase to expand their operations in the UK and take advantage of the efficiencies of the two facilities. They announced that motor industry jobs will remain at both sites, with Luton continuing to build the Vivaro until 2025 and Ellesmere Port constructing the Astra until 2021.

In the longer term both sites need to prove their value and ensure they win contracts to manufacture new models. Displaying the quality they offer and the efficiency of the facilities will help with this. The current workforce is being tasked with showcasing both, giving them great opportunities.

The chief executive of PSA Peugeot, Carlos Tavares, gave further assurances for employees. He stated he had not closed a single plant since he took up his position in 2014 and wasn’t planning to start.

PSA Group can now look ahead to turning around the fortunes of Vauxhall and Opel as well as bridging the gap to Volkswagen. They are currently the second largest car maker in Europe behind the German giants but the new acquisition gives them a huge amount of additional capacity.

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