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The success of the British automotive industry over the last few years has been largely down to private vehicles, particularly cars. The production, manufacturing, sales and export of cars have created most of the consistent and sustained growth the industry has experienced. However, this is not to say that other areas of the sector have not been just as impressive, including the commercial vehicle sector.

The manufacturing, sales and export of commercial vehicles have all reflected consistent month-to-month growth over the last several years. On a domestic level, increased sales of commercial vehicles reflect the growth in our economy as a whole. When it comes to overseas sales and exports, we believe that everyone involved in the industry can take great pride in the fact that British engineering and design are in such high demand around the world.

While we celebrate the success of the automotive industry, it is vital that none of us lose focus on ensuring this success is sustainable. A substantial amount of success has resulted from our informed and dynamic approach to recruitment for automotive jobs, which we introduced to the industry. Enabling the appointment of long term employees committed to a company vision has been the foundation for growth in all aspects of the commercial vehicle sector. We have consistently worked with some of the leading brand names in the industry, helping them to find the perfect staff to contribute towards their companies.

The commercial vehicle sector provides many unique and rewarding opportunities. Businesses and public bodies that purchase or lease commercial vehicles expect to be served by dedicated professionals at every stage of the process. We ensure that only the most suitable, experienced and qualified people are appointed to these positions.

Whether you are a business in the commercial vehicle sector, or a talented individual seeking rewarding automotive jobs, we are here to help you achieve your aim. We have a peerless track record for successful, long term appointments in the automotive industry, and we look forward to helping you reach your goals with our professional services in the future.