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We don’t only provide companies with a professional automotive recruitment service; we also strive to deliver useful support and guidance for those searching for their perfect career position. We make sure that all applicants are suitable for specific roles before they get to the interview stage, but it still pays to prepare before you go for an interview. Here is some advice to optimise your chances of impressing your interviewer and landing a great role.

– Do your research. “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”; it’s an age old saying, but one that definitely applies to job interviews. If you show that you know a little about the company, it shows that you have taken the time to research their ethics and goals, which is extremely important from an interviewer’s point of view. It tells them that you are committed and enthusiastic about the role you are applying for.

– Ask questions. This goes hand in hand with research. Asking questions about the company and the position can show how proactive you are and demonstrate that you are willing to learn.

– Stay calm. Employers love to see confidence in job interviews as it generally gives reassurance that the candidate will do well in the role. Being well prepared will help you to feel more confident and reduce nerves. Make sure you plan your route, outfit and everything you need ahead of time so you don’t end up arriving at the interview late or feeling stressed.

If you would like to kick start your career in the automotive industry, get back into work or find high calibre applicants for your company’s open positions give us a call. As experienced automotive recruitment consultants with many years of experience, we are able to help both parties find exactly what they’re looking for. Our attentive team will work closely with you to understand your exact needs and come up with the best course of action.