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As specialists in motor trade recruitment, we take pride in hiring the best candidates for all jobs that are advertised on our website. In order to ensure that all of our candidates are quality job material, we interview all of them. This is to ensure that our clients receive candidates that we believe are the best for the role and will provide useful contributions towards their workplace. If you pass our interview, you will also be interviewed by your prospective employer. Preparing for an interview and being mentally equipped with what to expect is highly important.

Obviously, the most important thing is to research the company and the job role. Rather than planning out answers to questions that may be asked, you need a good understanding of the actual company you’re looking to work for. Showing that you have knowledge of the company shows that you care about the job. You should also research the job position thoroughly. The last thing that you want to happen is to be asked a question about the position, only to find that you know nothing about it. Knowledge is power and showcasing your knowledge will be impressive to a potential employer. It’s also important to make a note of your accomplishments during your career if you aren’t applying for your first job. Highlighting relevant areas of expertise will definitely impress an employer.

It’s important to prepare actively for the content of the interview. Though it may be worth spending the time to research good answers to questions that you may be asked, it is always important to answer with the utmost honesty. It will definitely be appreciated. You should also consider questions to ask yourself. An interview is a good time for you to find out even more about the company, so do not miss the opportunity. If possible, research the structure of the interview. A lot of the time, the interview will be a standard format of answering and asking questions. On occasion, it may be involve additional tasks such as problem solving and roleplaying.

Of course, you should also be well-presented, with appropriate clothing and good grooming. This will show you’re putting in the effort for a potential employer. Make sure you arrive in plenty of time for the interview: plan ahead for the day, such as researching public transport and timings, or a car route to the interview’s location.

When it comes to the interview, you need to be at the height of professionalism and you need to leave the best impression possible. When interviewed by both us and your potential employer, showing that you are enthusiastic about the position and having some knowledge of the job and the company will impress. As long as you are thoroughly prepared and ready for the interview, then you have an excellent chance of securing your career in the automotive industry.