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Preparing Your CV for a Motor Trade InterviewAs with most industries, getting an interview in the motor trade is difficult enough, never mind a new job. On average, you’re competing with around 80-candidates for every vacancy, so standing out is really important. In order to do that, the first thing to do is think about preparing your CV for a motor trade interview.

You need to think of your CV as a sales brochure. It needs to make recruiters sit up and think. To compel them to interview you.  And give them expectations around you being the person to fill the role advertised.

So how do you do that? The first thing to consider is your personal profile. Does it sell you and what you can do? Does it include all the skills and attributes necessary for the role? If not, you probably won’t make the shortlist. Make sure your statements are short and punchy and factual. There’s nothing motor recruitment companies like less than flowery, meaningless statements with very little substance behind them.

When preparing your CV for a motor trade interview, you must include your relevant experience and skills throughout your career. Don’t spend too long talking about things that aren’t relevant unless you gained specialist skills, won awards or did something of note at a previous employer. Focus on your most recent positions and write a paragraph or two on your responsibilities and daily duties. Don’t skimp on the important details. The more you match your skills to the position, the more likely you are to get an interview.

It goes without saying you need to pay attention to spelling and grammar. Poorly spelled and punctuated CVs will be discarded straightaway. To stop yours being thrown in the bin, spell check it and make sure you’ve selected the UK option, not the US one. A common mistake is to misuse words like your and you’re and there and their. Use a dictionary – there are several online ones available if you don’t have one to hand – so you select the correct one.

The format of your CV is important too. Format it so the margins line-up on the edge of your page, and leave plenty of white space in your employment history so it’s easier to read. Use bullet points where applicable and keep it simple. A cluttered, fussy CV will be disregarded over those that are difficult to understand, regardless of the information contained in them.  Use a well-known platform for your CV too. Microsoft Word is ideal. Converting it to a PDF document will give it a professional edge.

Preparing your CV for a motor trade interview needn’t be difficult. You just need to take time and effort over it so it shows you off in your best light. At JGA, we can assess your CV for you, so follow these tips and send it to us, and you’ll have taken your first step on the journey to a great new motor trade career.