The potential for a huge number of new jobs at Horiba MIRA

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The motor industry in the UK has enjoyed such a fantastic period of great performance that many businesses are looking to recruit new staff. One of the latest companies to reveal they are doing just that is Horiba MIRA. The Motor Industry Research Association was bought by the Japanese company in July 2015 and has since benefitted from £29 million in investment. They currently operate from an 850 acre site near Hinckley and plans are to expand the workforce to 850 by 2020.

The money invested in the existing site has been used to create new facilities and purchase equipment. Amongst these is a £6 million centre for emissions testing. This is due for completion early in 2017 and will lead to the creation of several new jobs.

The roles being created by Horiba MIRA are very diverse, ranging from apprenticeships in various disciples to senior management positions. There are plenty of great opportunities for people to start a career in their chosen discipline.

The creation of new motor industry jobs at the company will not stop there though. Alongside this plan there is another to create a technology park on the site. This £300 million project could lead to as many as 2,000 additional roles being created. Phase one of this has been completed, allowing the second stage to begin in the near future.

Horiba MIRA is targeting significant growth and has been making investments to accelerate this. The overall aim is to grow the business by 50% compared to where it was when Horiba made the purchase.

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