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When it comes to the automotive industry, businesses need the best possible staff for the task at hand. The sector is constantly competing with businesses across the world, which means that only the best candidates are required when it comes to hiring. However, far too many recruitment sites focus on every type of job and don’t specialise in one specific field. This means that practically anyone can apply to jobs where highly and specifically skilled individuals are required. At John Gibson Associates, however, we have fixed that by providing a specific platform for motor trade recruitment, helping businesses to find the best possible candidates for their vacancies.

Our services are driven by our desire to place all potential candidates in vacancies where they can flourish. Far too many automotive businesses use generic job sites to advertise their vacancies, which in turn leads to applicants who may not be suitable for that specific role. As most automotive jobs require some degree of education and skill in certain areas, businesses need to target their recruitment on specific areas to ensure that they receive the best possible candidates for the job. That is why we exist: to gather candidates of the highest calibre so that we can bring them together with the right businesses.

From sales staff to automotive technicians to senior positions including management, we can hire for practically any and all vacancies. All candidates register their details with us, and we get in touch with them to discuss their choice of career and their skills. Once they have found the right vacancy for them, we will contact them through one of our directors and regional representatives to ensure that they aren’t just suitable for the vacancy, but that they will fit into your company well.

For our clients, we offer a comprehensive motor trade recruitment service that cannot be duplicated by other job sites. When it comes to recruiting a candidate, we do absolutely everything that we can to find the right person for your vacancy. We are so confident in our services that we offer a 6 month guarantee, so if your candidate isn’t suitable for the task at hand, we will help you to find another candidate.