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There are unique dynamics which both create and cause the success of our automotive recruitment services. Sustained success is crucial for ensuring further employment opportunities can be created. For this reason, we always take a keen interest in facts and figures about the motor industry as soon as they are made available. The most recent performance figures have shown that the remarkable success of the sector has continued, and shows little signs of slowing down.

The year-to-year figures for car manufacturing output has shown an overall growth of just over 13% between February 2015 and February 2016. While the majority of cars manufactured in the UK are built to meet export requirements, one of the most interesting statistics from these new figures is the increase in domestic demand. Nearly 25% of cars manufactured in the UK are bought and sold here too. Many industry experts believe that this market dynamic is crucial to ensuring success will continue across the industry in the future.

In terms of the domestic market, the financial figures for the same period show that the growth figures are accurate. The 27% increase in the overall value of new vehicle financing and the 22% increase in the volume of financing agreements entered into show that the domestic market for British manufactured cars really has significantly grown over the last twelve months.

We take great pride in the fact that our recruitment services have directly contributed to the success experienced across the industry. Long term, informed recruitment decisions have enabled businesses to build for success. This has been achieved and rewarded, as we can see in these most recent performance figures. The continued growth means that there will be even more great motor industry jobs available in the coming months and years, and we will be on hand to help fill them.