Panel beating is a rewarding and skilled career

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Of the wide range of automotive jobs available, panel beating can be an extremely rewarding and satisfying one. This is a career which requires an exceptional amount of talent and ability to perform. While some see the work of a panel beater as that of simply hammering out dents, the reality is that the job involves restoring the bodywork of a car to its perfect factory condition.

If you have had the unfortunate experience of having your car damaged in an accident, it is likely that a panel beater worked on it as part of the repairs. As mentioned, the work is far more involved than straightening out bumps and dents in the panels that form your car bodywork. In order to ensure the repair is carried out correctly, they must ensure that the panels do not only look perfect, but also are in the same structural condition that they were designed to be. Leaving any sort of flaw in the damaged panels can lead to many problems; rust may take hold and the car may be left weakened and more prone to damage in the case of another accident.

While as motorists we only ever really consider the outer appearance of the bodywork of a car, a panel beater must consider all which happens beneath it. In this regard, panel beaters working in any garage across the UK must have the ability and qualification to work with virtually every tool in the workshop. This is quite some undertaking, which is why it would be normal for the apprenticeship and training of a panel beater to be a year or two longer than the standard.

For all these reasons, a high level of skill and qualification is required to be a panel beater. Those in the automotive sector are well aware of just how valuable their talents are, and as recruitment specialists we are no exception. As part of our services recruiting for motor trade jobs, we represent both the most talented panel beaters looking to further their career and prestigious companies seeking to employ the very best of the best.