Panel beating is a £5billion a year industry

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At present there are some 37 million motor vehicles which are licensed to be on the roads of the UK. The overwhelming majority of these – around 81% – are cars. This is quite remarkable information, and in many respects stands testament to just how successful the British automotive sector has been over the course of the last decade.

Sadly it is also the case that this high number of vehicles means a higher increase in collisions and accidents. Each year sees tens of thousands of cars getting damaged, with repairs and bodywork being required to fix them. This somewhat inevitable situation sees the creation of many automotive jobs related to car bodywork repair. One of the most high profile positions in this sector is the role of panel beater.

The role is one that we have looked at in the past. With an increase in demand for people capable of this job we felt it was appropriate to have another look in terms of the work we do to help fill these positions.

If you were looking to apply for a position, ideally you would have an ATA (Automotive Technician Accreditation) qualification related to panel beating or car bodywork. We say ideally, as very few businesses make this an essential requirement. Generally experience, whether through an apprenticeship or a full time role, is the most desirable quality businesses seek in prospective candidates.

In terms of financial rewards the role of panel beater can be a very lucrative one. Whilst entry level salaries may start at around £20,000 it is not unknown for those with a strong track record for performance to be paid double that. With high demand for skilled people many businesses are offering highly competitive salaries.

It is estimated that some £5billion is spent in the UK on car bodywork repairs every year. With this in mind it is easy to understand why there is such a high level of demand for panel beaters in the industry. As the number one name recruiter for automotive jobs in the UK we represent several high profile, prestige opportunities for this role. You are welcome to browse our site or contact our team to discuss the current positions we have available.