The outlook for graduate recruitment

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Graduate recruitment is a good sign of economic stability because it shows companies investing in talented, newly qualified members of staff. In the UK the latest figures from researchers XpertHR Benchmarking for 2016/2017 make really good reading in this regard. They show that 86% of employers will be looking to recruit this kind of staff or have already done so.

To put the statistic into perspective it is a good idea to look at the recruitment results for the previous year. In 2015/2016 graduate recruitment had fallen to 75% with employers worrying about economic conditions and the calibre of candidates on offer. The rise this year is therefore impressive and shows a much better outlook from businesses.

On top of this according to the data only one employer in every ten will be seeking to recruit fewer graduates than they did last year. On the other hand 45% of employers are expected to be looking to hire more graduate level employees.

In the motor trade graduate recruitment remains very strong. Businesses like to recruit graduates because they are highly skilled and ready to build a career. The candidates may lack experience but this can be viewed as a positive in some regards because it means the employer can teach them their own method of doing things.

Employers in the motor trade use a wide array of methods to recruit graduates including making use of social media, links with universities and career service providers. Each employer should create a dynamic recruitment strategy focused on satisfying their needs. At John Gibson Associates we can help with this, giving our clients the support they need to find candidates who match their criteria.

JGA is a leader at motor trade recruitment and can address the needs of each client effectively. With our help you can simplify and streamline the process, unlocking a range of benefits as a result. We are well established and have a great deal of experience to call on to ensure our clients are satisfied.