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The process of recruitment for motor trade jobs needs to be done properly in order to ensure the best outcome for both the candidate and the employer. It involves both narrowing down the selection of applicants and interviewing the ones who are considered most suitable for the role. Our extensive and detailed process gives you the optimum chance of finding excellent candidates with the skills, ability and knowledge you need.

We understand that the recruitment process isn’t a simple one. Throughout motor trade, the right skills are demanded and needed in order for the industry to continue growing and thriving. The automotive industry may be experiencing a boom, but there is still a distinct skills shortage to contend with, especially in concerns to engineering. This is why it is incredibly important to utilise a sufficient recruitment procedure in order to choose the candidate who has the right abilities, approach and attitude to thrive in these motor trade jobs.

Our process is designed to pick out the best possible candidates. Upon submitting their CV, they will be contacted by their relevant JGA regional representative for a discussion. Once they have applied for our vacancy, they undergo an interview with the regional representative and a director. This is to fully ensure that the client chosen for the role is the right one and allows our team, with their years of experience in the automotive trade, to assess the suitability of the candidate for the role that they are applying for.

By utilising such techniques personally, we produce outstanding results for our clients. Whether it’s sales positions, engineering, or any other types of roles, we want to save you and your company time by giving you the candidate who will offer the most to the company. In fact, we believe that our procedures are so efficient that we offer a six month guarantee to all clients who hire their candidates through us. This allows our clients to work with us again within six months if the candidate we choose isn’t the right person for their motor trade jobs.

Our recruitment procedures save you time and energy when looking for new staff. You don’t have to filter through hundreds of CVs and you don’t have to commit to several interviews with unsuitable candidates. When you are working with us, you simply receive the cream of the crop. Our extensive regional presence ensures that there is simply no-one better when it comes to automotive recruitment.