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We pride ourselves on being one of the foremost names in motor trade recruitment. Recruitment is a straightforward process when we are handling it for you, and we pride ourselves on putting in the work to make sure every person we recruit for a company is the best possible choice. Our clients in the automotive business demand the best employees to help their businesses thrive, and we offer them the highest quality candidates possible. This is a process which takes care and effort, but one which can truly make a difference and help the burgeoning UK motor trade to grow.

We run the JGA Recruitment Franchise as a means of gathering recruitment businesses under one umbrella. The automotive trade has weathered the storm of recession and continues to grow ever stronger. The latest statistics showing that the industry has a turnover of over £50 billion and contributes over £10 billion to the economy of the UK. This trade continues to grow even faster as economic recovery takes hold of the country, ensuring that the need for staff is constantly there. We have personally grown 40% over this time period, highlighting the continuing success of the automotive trade and the growing need for workers.

By joining our franchise opportunity, you are stepping into an industry which contributes a lot to the United Kingdom and which has continued to grow even during the recession. If you are willing to invest £50,000 and enough working capital for six months, are in the business for the long haul, and have the passion and drive needed to succeed in such a challenging industry, then we have a spot open for you as a franchisee. With the increased growth for the industry and demand for workers, you could easily see your return come back to you and even more on top of that.

Recruiting for motor industry jobs is a process that we take care to do correctly. We don’t take shortcuts, and we certainly don’t do things in half measures. We have a detailed approach, reviewing CV’s and personally interviewing the candidates to determine whether they are right for the job. We pride ourselves on doing things the right way and we will never compromise on quality.

This approach to motor industry jobs means that a lot of work is required not only from ourselves but from our franchisees as well. We are constantly on the lookout for new members to our franchise, and as long as you have a passion for helping candidates and companies, we will give you all the help that we can possibly give.