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During a job interview, it is often hard for the interviewer to see the whole person in such a limited space of time. What you say and how you act is extremely important because this is your opportunity to really how them what you have to offer the role, along with your CV and references. Many of those searching for motor industry jobs experience anxiety before an interview and sometimes this affects the way that they carry themselves. If interviews are a worry for you or you simply want to add an extra skill to your repertoire, our personality testing could help.

We offer a variety of tests to help people make better recruitment decisions including OPQ32 (online personality assessment), Sales Excel Questionnaire and the [email protected] Questionnaire. These tests are perfect for employers, recruiters and candidates in the motor trade industry as they help all parties to feel better informed about the person and the way they will work within a particular organisation. Factors such as how they build relationships with others, how they manage emotions and their thinking style all play a part in this test. It helps give insight into how a person will act and behave in a certain role, helping them to understand which motor industry jobs they should be applying for and helping the employer to check if they match the requirements for their vacancy.

For individuals, OPQ32 can be very helpful in your job search. Not only does it help you identify roles that will be best for you but it also enables you to learn what your potential behaviour preferences are, areas of personal strength and personal development. Personality testing is affordable and can provide you with a lot of benefits.

If you would like to undertake the OPQ32 yourself, visit our personal testing page and add the product to your basket and check out. In some cases it may take around 12 hours for online log-in details to be received as they are all booked within working hours. Please also specify whether you would like a manager or candidate report during booking as well. If you have any questions, contact us.