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Many businesses hire what seems to be the perfect candidate, only to have to ask them to leave after less than a day in the job. While these kinds of stories can make for funny anecdotes in the future, in the present they are time consuming, discouraging and often costly experiences. Although it is not possible to ensure each and every job appointment is a complete success, it is possible to optimise your chances that a new employee will be the right person for the job. As specialists in automotive recruitment, this is what we excel in.

Although it seems like it would be easy to avoid hiring someone that will not last more than a day at a business, there are actually a lot of factors which can create this situation. For example, businesses may focus on one single matter of importance relating to the vacancy which must be filled. They may concentrate on finding someone who has the skills required for the job on paper, but this can come at the expense of considering whether the person would fit in with the working environment. Both these factors are valuable for successful recruitment and both must be given careful consideration. By getting us to take care of your recruitment process, you can make sure you strike the perfect balance between these two values.

Our unique and highly involved evaluation, interview and assessment processes create a complete picture of a candidate, allowing for a far more comprehensive and informed employment decision. By adapting this approach, we have achieved a near-perfect success rate. 98% of new employees we helped to recruit are still with the business a year later.

Stories of seemingly perfect new employees failing to last a single day in a job are amusing to hear, but terrible to experience. For any business, employing the wrong person can prove to be a very costly mistake, but this is even more true for service-focused businesses in the automotive sector. By using our service to help you find the right people for motor trade jobs, you can give yourself the best chance of avoiding these potentially negative outcomes.