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When it comes to automotive recruitment, the industry is so varied that there are countless opportunities to find great jobs and build a fantastic career. There are so many different areas to specialise in that there are careers to suit practically any skill set. Here are some examples of specialist automotive jobs.

Vehicle illustrator

All of the vehicles you see on the road started with a basic concept. Illustrators create renderings of cars and provide visual ideas of how they could look. The job is an exciting and challenging one for artistic minded people and offers a degree of freedom. Some companies will have in house designers, but others accept freelance submissions. Freelancers can have the chance to travel, spend their time designing and contribute towards the aesthetics of vehicles of the future.

Engine builder for super cars

Super cars are generally produced with care and precision to ensure parts are manufactured accurately. The working environments for people building engines to go in these vehicles are generally slow paced, clean and very well organised to facilitate quality. The job is less stressful than a standard production line, and also gives you the chance to be involved in building sophisticated machinery.

Development test driver

Whether it is super cars or concept road vehicles, every vehicle that makes it on to the road will have undergone extensive testing. The tests are very detailed and require drivers to provide feedback on their experience to aid the development. Super car test drivers get to drive the latest luxury vehicles before everybody else – one reason why this is a very appealing career for many.

Automotive journalist

The automotive industry can offer fantastic career paths if you are a writer with a passion for vehicles. You could have the chance to review cars, prepare press releases or provide reports on races. Whatever area you are interested in there is likely to be some form of reporting to do and a job for you.

Vehicle designer

This is a step above the illustrator because you’ll be designing the actual vehicle rather than a concept. You’ll have a chance to be right on the cutting edge of new technology and contribute your ideas to improving vehicles. The role is challenging because you’ll have countless factors to consider with every design. You’ll also have inputs from various different people and have to adapt to them.

Automotive jobs can enrich your life and provide fantastic monetary rewards in the process. If you’re interested in starting a career in the sector you can search for job openings today via our website. We focus exclusively on automotive recruitment and can help you to identify the best opportunities for taking the next step in your career.