Opening the brand new London Taxi Company plant

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Today marked a landmark date for Coventry, Britain, and the London Taxi Company (LTC). The manufacturer of the iconic black London cab has opened their brand new plant in the city, the first new car assembly facility to open in the UK in almost a decade.

The parent company of LTC, Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, are investing £300 million in the plant, establishing them as one of the leaders in electric car production in Britain. On top of this the Government will provide a £16.1 million grant to expanding funding even further, using money from the regional growth fund.

The new factory will be creating the next generation of London’s black cabs. In addition facilities for research and development will be based in the plant. The aim is to establish LTC as a big name in the fledgling electric taxi industry and support new innovations.

The opening of the plant will have a big impact on the local economy. It is expected that over 1,000 automotive jobs will be created. These will cover a wide array of different roles, including engineering and manufacturing, research, development, and design. These positions could prove to be very attractive to job seekers because it will allow them to be involved in a cutting edge, growing industry.

Demand for electric vehicles, including London cabs, could increase substantially over the next few years. The Government is supporting people who make the switch, investing in improving the infrastructure and installing more charging points. The Department for Transport is providing £64 million in funding to help, including offering taxi drivers a discount on the cost of purchasing an electric vehicle.

At John Gibson Associates we are excited for the huge number of new automotive jobs that will be created at the LTC plant in Coventry. It will offer plenty of great opportunities for job seekers, whether they are looking to start a career, take the next step, or make a change and be involved in a forward thinking industry.