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Normal working hours do not always apply in the Recruitment Industry – A good Consultancy will take the time to be available when the candidate or the client needs them. Often the most convenient times for a candidate or a client are before the start of the working day or for a few hours after. It will more often than not be easier and more convenient for them to talk openly without being distracted or having to be cautious about what they say and the environment they are in.

It is imperative that clients and candidates consider their recruitment consultant as a confidant, someone who will do their utmost to ensure their best interests… After all, it’s your future that is being entrusted, whether its career progression, or the continued success of your business. A Recruiter has to have the highest level of honesty and integrity and be in regular contact to continually reassure all parties that everything is running smoothly and is being dealt with by professionals.

Candidate and Client Service is just one of many important factors when considering representation by a recruitment consultancy; whether it’s finding a new job or the staff needed to take your business forward. Their ability to react quickly to changing situations is equally as paramount – for example; rearranging interviews due to changing circumstances or alterations to a vacancy brief, client’s expectations or any other situation that may arise.

The message that we continually strive to make is that recruitment is not a numbers game… it’s about finding the right people for the right job, those that fit into the business ethos and will make positive contributions to take a client’s business forward.

It is equally important therefore to understand which direction a candidate wants to take their career and offering the best possible guidance to achieve their respective goals and the right steps to take them there. We at JGA are perfectly placed to offer these levels of service – we make them part of our core beliefs.

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