Nissan’s success with electric vehicles

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The Nissan car manufacturing plant in Sunderland is renowned as one of the largest and most efficient in Europe. The manufacturer has invested millions of pounds into the site in the creation of new motor trade jobs and advanced technology to support production. This has helped to make it what it is today.

The production numbers for the plant are very impressive; with over 500,000 vehicles manufactured in 2014 and six years of consecutively creating in excess of 400,000. No other plant in the UK comes close to these numbers. Several records have been broken along the way too, including building half a million Qashqai’s within a 21 month period.
Earlier in May Nissan celebrated another milestone when it announced that the 50,000th Leaf had been finished in Sunderland. This was the very first time that a company had produced that number of electric vehicles in the EU in their entirety, including the batteries and final assembly.
The Leaf has established itself as a global market leading electric car. It became the all time bestselling vehicle powered entirely by electricity capable of being drive on highways in 2015. The EU is the third largest market for the vehicle, trailing the US and Japan. The vehicles made in Sunderland are exported to 23 countries around the world.
Nissan’s success with electric vehicles has prompted further investment at Sunderland. There will be an extra £26.5 million invested in the site to produce the next generation of batteries. The current battery installed in the Leaf is already a product of a lot of research and development. It holds a charge longer than its predecessor and gives the vehicles a longer range before charges. The next gen batteries will offer even better performance.
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