Nissan is enhancing production further at their Sunderland Plant

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The Nissan Plant in Sunderland is renowned as one of the most efficient in the whole world and is the largest in the UK. Every year hundreds of thousands of vehicles are manufactured on the site before being exported all around the world. A wide variety of models are made at the plant, including the hugely successful all electric Leaf.

The manufacturer recently became the first to reveal their post-Brexit plans. They announced that two new models, the latest Qashqai and X-Trail SUV, would be built at the Sunderland Plant. Additionally they will upgrade it so they can boost production to an estimated 600,000 vehicles per year. This secures the 7,000 motor industry jobs and means new roles may be created in the future too.

The news is great for the motor industry as a whole in the UK and is further evidence its strength. The SMMT recently released figures that showcased how much vehicle production has risen in the last year. To September 1.3 million vehicles have been produced. This is an impressive 10.5% increase on the same period in 2015.

Of the huge number of vehicles produced in the UK a vast proportion of them are exported. Nissan is a great example; of the 450,000 they manufactured in 2015 around 80% were shipped overseas to be sold. With such a high volume of vehicle movement it is no wonder that the logistics industry is enjoying similarly impressive growth.

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