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Automotive recruitment isn’t an easy process, especially since the people needed for the job have to be highly talented. Fortunately, for businesses that are struggling to find adequate staff, our specialist agency has the knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive solution. Our aim is to deliver a hassle-free experience that sees the right people appointed to jobs.

Industrial Vision Systems (IVS) has just recently introduced the IVS-ELCi, a new end of the line automated car conformance and inspection cell. The equipment is said to permit automotive manufacturers to automate critical and repetitive inspection work that covers whole vehicles. As a result, it will free operators, such as the ones that we refer to companies, from certain tasks and allow them to focus more on repairs and other important duties.

Utilising up to 50 sensors for a 360 degrees check of each vehicle, the cell also automatically saves data and images which provides evidence that protects managers from potential warranty claims or recalls. The easy to install device makes use of artificial intelligence vision sensors that supply critical quality inspection criteria across the whole build cycle for the vehicle.

With devices such as this at work in the industry employees can focus all their efforts on the most vital jobs that they are required to do. Full vehicle inspections can take up much time after all and a lot more is needed in order to rectify faults that come up. With cutting edge technology like this time can be saved and the whole process improved. The end result is customers get their vehicles back sooner.

At John Gibson Associates we put the maximum amount of effort into automotive recruitment. We do this to make certain that the people we send to businesses are the ideal choice. In order to fully understand what it is company’s want, we take the time to visit them so we can see what’s needed for them to achieve success. If you’d like any additional information relating to our agency, we would love to hear from you.