New vehicle leasing schemes can stimulate demand

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With 30 years of experience in helping companies find the perfect candidates for automotive jobs, our skill in discovering the right person for each role is unmatched. We aren’t the kind of business to send candidates off to a company simply because they look adequate. Instead, we have every candidate undergo an extensive personality test, looking at those areas in which they excel and then determining who is best suited to the position based on the results found.

Peugeot has just made it a whole lot easier for Letchworth drivers to get onto the roads with the ‘Just Add Fuel’ scheme that has been put into effect at a local dealership. For those who don’t know, this programme is the motor giant’s fixed price motoring package, complete with hassle free assistance of a minimal single fixed monthly payment.

Only available to those aged 21 and over in the past, Peugeot has made the package available to drivers aged between 18 to 20 years old as well. The reasoning for this comes in the form of an advanced telematics device that’s attached to the diagnostics port. Through satellite tracking, this mechanism sends and stores information on vehicle acceleration, deceleration, speed and lateral G-forces, all of which combine to determine a driver’s style.

With schemes like this in place that make use of advanced technology, you need to have technicians in your employee who have an expertise on such things. This is where we come in, as we can look for a candidate that specialises in areas such as this if they are needed. Additionally we can offer help to businesses who create new roles as a result of the increase in demand that the schemes can create.

At John Gibson, we take the time to visit each business at their place of work so that we can discover what makes your operations successful. Afterwards, we will look at every individual candidate and only refer the ones who most closely match your requirements. If there’s anything you’d like to ask us simply get in touch.