New technology for vehicular servicing and repairs

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One of the most important aspects of the automotive trade is the trust between consumers and manufacturers. The images of the dodgy dealer adjusting the mileage or the mechanic exaggerating how much work your vehicle needs have been out of date for quite some time. Our lives now run on digital devices, and when it comes to having our vehicles serviced and repaired, several major manufacturers are embracing technology to offer their valued customers complete transparency and establish trusted relationships.

Vauxhall have recently joined the growing number of manufacturers providing servicing that customers can see for themselves. VX360 is a specially formulated programme that enables onsite technicians to explain the repair work they are recommending on video and immediately share it with owners via email and mobile. It is now available at several participating retailers as a complimentary extra, giving Vauxhall customers the confidence they need to make a decision.

The process involves the customer booking their vehicle in at a Vauxhall retailer. After a full inspection, the customer will receive a film taken by the retailer highlighting all recommended work. The video will also discuss any work that is urgently needed. The major benefit of the service is that it exposes the customer to the same things the technician sees, enabling them to make an informed decision. They can decide whether or not they wish to proceed and can respond by emailing their service provider or simply clicking a button. The service is structured to save time, money and stress for all parties.

VX360 is available for all kinds of vehicular tasks such as MOTs, servicing and repairs. Customers can request it on the day, or in advance when booking in their Vauxhall vehicle. The innovative service is just one example of the way the automotive sector continues to be driven forward by technology and connectivity. We specialise in automotive recruitment and we are renowned for our contribution to the sector and our capacity to locate skilled, creative and talented individuals for motor industry jobs, contributing towards interesting new developments such as these.