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Although the automotive industry has seen a significant resurgence in the last few years, we are now seeing the emergence of a new identity. The Automotive News World Congress in January saw IBM release results of its Automotive 2025 Global Study. The results highlighted an industry ripe for many changes that will bring about staggering benefits. It is predicted that by 2025, the automotive industry will recreate our highly personalised and digitised lives inside our vehicles.

Consumer demand continues to evolve. Digital engagement and a superior driving experience have become priorities. The report indicates that consumers worldwide want innovative vehicles, and the industry is set to meet the demands. When it comes to order of importance within the automotive industry, the addressing of consumer expectations is now ranked behind technology only.

The study states that by 2025 the vehicle will have developed to such levels of sophistication that it will be capable of configuring itself to its driver. In addition, it will be able to learn, drive and socialise with other vehicles and its surrounding environment. Many vehicular specialists believe that cognitive technologies will play a key part in the way that vehicles learn and reason in order to offer optimum performance. It is also predicted by many that vehicle “social networks” will be implemented to enable vehicles to share traffic and weather conditions, along with information pertaining to each make and model in the event of problems or vehicular failure.

Overall, the study paints a picture of further industry growth. It emphasises the need for individuals with specialist skills and an understanding of complex vehicular systems. It also highlights the need for creative and innovative thinkers that can deliver additional value to the automotive industry. As the future approaches, the sector will face new challenges and opportunities that are sure to set the stage for continued success and long term leadership.

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