New Start Accelerator Programme

The first 30-90 days

The New Start Accelerator programme is an e-coaching and learning support programme specifically designed to support newly recruited or promoted leaders in their first days in the post.  We have built the programme around our Mission-Focused Leadership programme and instruct new leaders in the use of the very same tools we use within our business turnaround teams.

A specific area for your company induction – we have built-in a specific area for information, product knowledge, basic skills and learning to be modified to fit with your specific needs.

The new leader accelerator programme is flexible and consists of 30, 60 and 90-day versions of the programme.

The programme is structured around three 30 day modules, so dependent upon your requirements the programme can be used as a fast track ranging from 30-90 days.
This programme is a 90-day fast-start tool aimed at supporting the new leader to achieve that Mission, its objectives are:
  • Create a strategic plan;
  • Support the newly appointed leader;
  • Reduce the time required by the leaders boss to get the new leader performing;
  • Accelerate performance;
  • Improve the chances of the new leader succeeding in the role;

Programme structure

Whilst we do all of the typical elements that you would find in any good quality coaching programme, the Mission-Focused 90 Days programme doesn’t rely on a pick and mix approach, it’s a lot more structured than that.

Working with the pre-recruitment brief prepared in partnership with the leader’s immediate line manager we set about building an action plan.

We boil down plenty of chat, ideas, analysis and realities into a one-page strategic plan.  We use our very own M.O.S.T model.

  • Mission
  • Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Tasks