New site developments in North East Lincolnshire can go ahead

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Planning permission has been granted for Greatline Developments Ltd to reconfigure and extend a site in Stallingborough, North-East Lincolnshire leading to the prospect of over 100 new jobs being created in the future. The company works as car importers and processors for the UK’s largest supplier Paragon Automotive.

The site is 80 acres and currently has space to park 6,000 vehicles. Planning has been granted to clear a site office and gate house to construct new buildings. Land around the site will be redeveloped to create additional parking, taking the total number to 15,235 when all work is finished. On top of this new access to a nearby road will be created to open up the site and make distribution easier.

Paragon Automotive provides contracts for Volvo and Audi, importing some 12,000 cars per year as well as taking care of lease vehicles too. Each contract tends to be of short duration but the added space would give the company additional capacity and the ability to cater for much larger and longer agreements.

The timing of the planning permission being granted couldn’t be better because a new 10 year deal with Kia has been signed and will see the company take over from their existing operations towards the end of 2015. Kia currently operates from a site in nearby Killingholme but they have outgrown it in terms of scale and the quality they are looking for in their operations. This new site will provide exactly what they are looking for with the move allowing them to hit their target of processing up to 100,000 vehicles per year.

The plan is expected to create 173 temporary jobs during the construction phase of the project and around 87 new full time jobs once work is completed. The automotive recruitment opportunities would provide around £3.27 million during construction and £1.9 million a year afterwards, providing big benefits for the local economies in Stallingborough and Immingham.