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There are many industries still languishing in the wake of the economic crash. The UK automotive sector, however, is one area at the heart of British industry that is simply thriving. In the last two years, Jaguar Land Rover alone created over 5000 new positions, with BMW investing £500 million in the UK with new facilities at its engine and pressing plants. European manufacturers have faced grave times recently, but the UK industry has seen a staggering revival.

As a result, there are many exciting available positions in the UK automotive industry. The continual progression of technology creates a stream of new roles on a regular basis. The advancements in vehicle communication, systems integration and low carbon development alone create a demand for a varied range of new abilities. Cars are no longer viewed as a collection of mechanical components, but rather as systems that require engineers with specialised technological knowledge.

The continued evolution of the sector spells good news for candidates and companies alike. We specialise in targeted motor trade recruitment, and dedicate ourselves to locating the finest possible individuals for roles within the automotive industry.

If you are looking for a challenging role, it is important to secure an interview with a company that can complement your skills and vice versa. Our role is to help you find the perfect position in an environment that inspires you to excel and propel your career forward.

Our available positions reflect all areas of the automotive sector from sales to engineering to senior management. We represent some of the finest UK companies and they all seek high calibre candidates that can bring the best of themselves to their businesses.

We are separated from the majority of other motor trade recruitment organisations as we concentrate on every aspect of the process in order to provide the very best service to our clients and candidates. When you register with us it is a simple matter of providing us with your details, looking for your perfect role and proceeding with the application. We will conduct an interview with you to establish suitability for the position, and arrange an interview with your chosen company if we feel the job is right for you. We want the relationship between yourself and the organisation you join to be mutually beneficial. If you are already established in the motor trade or if you are looking to begin a new career we can help you with our professional and thorough motor trade recruitment service.