New funding could lead to new opportunities

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The automotive sector in the UK is one of the most valuable in terms of revenue and employs a huge number of people throughout the nation. Many choose to work in this industry because of the great career opportunities, fantastic salaries and chance to be at the cutting edge of technological developments. More jobs are predicted for the coming year, meaning many new opportunities in motor trade recruitment. There is also good news today about plans to accelerate career paths in the industry so people can progress more quickly.

On Wednesday the 21st of January, Business Secretary Vince Cable announced that there would be additional funding for the automotive industry to ensure the sector can develop the skills it needs to continue to be a world leader. The Government will work with the industry to ensure funding is available to invest in training and up-skilling staff. The automotive sector will receive £11.3 million of funds, plus a £2.8 million cash injection. This will be boosted further by a £16.4 million investment from manufacturers in the industry.

The automotive industry is competitive on a global scale, so the funding for skills will be great news for the UK. It will help employers to invest in talent for the future and support people in their careers. Many companies are planning to shorten their supply chains by having more components made closer to the assembly point. This will bring jobs back to the UK and create new opportunities. For the process to be as successful as possible, staff need training so they can fill the new roles. The funds from the Government and manufacturers will help to provide this.

The current industrial strategy of the UK Government includes working closely with automotive manufacturers to ensure the sector continues to strengthen and grow. The support will give companies more confidence, leading to further investment in employees and infrastructure. This in turn creates jobs all across the spectrum, including many managerial positions that will give people the chance to progress.

There could be a big push in the next few months as companies look for new staff. It is set to be an exciting time for motor trade recruitment and the industry as a whole in the UK.