New data protection rules could lead businesses to recruit

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In May 2018 the new, stricter General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation will be implemented in the UK. It creates an up to date framework and puts pressure on controllers and processors to make sure that data is managed properly. They will have more liability and need to meet their obligations.

Businesses from all kinds of industries should have been taking steps to ensure they are ready for the new legislation to come into force. Unfortunately the latest research shows that 73% of businesses have failed to budget for the implementation. This could leave them at risk of fines and worse.

One thing the GDPR legislation calls for is the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO). Whilst some businesses have moved to do this the research claims that 53% have not. Some businesses are exempt but it still leaves hundreds of thousands without an officer.

Businesses in the motor trade, particularly dealers, will become responsible for looking after the personal data of customers. With finance being involved to such a degree these are companies who should definitely be looking to appoint DPOs. This period of recruitment should occur as soon as possible to avoid difficulties such as staffing shortages.

The above becomes more important with the demand for experts in the data field set to increase in demand. In fact if all businesses looked to recruit a dedicated professional it could result in a shortfall of around 7,000 DPOs in the UK.

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