Network connected cars are vulnerable to cyber attacks

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The automotive industry has seen a rapidly emerging generation of networked vehicles that has led to heightened concerns about security. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers first announced their intentions to address security weaknesses in vehicle automation in 2014, and after a year in the making, the industry’s new intelligence sharing analysis centre is now official. The primary aim of an auto industry ISAC is to distribute and exchange cyber threat information and tackle vulnerabilities in systems that render them susceptible to hacking.

It is predicted that over 60% of vehicles will be connected to the internet by 2016. Security researchers have been assigned to hack networked cars in order to locate the potential weak spots and bugs before genuine hackers as part of the efforts to combat cyber security threats to vehicles.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers has stated that the ISAC will serve as a central hub for cyber threat information and analysis, and will feed this information to manufacturers on a global basis. The automotive industry has also been working on several other initiatives that are focused on ensuring vehicular security and safety, researching and developing more secure in-car functions and features.

There are several security technologies set to be introduced, including software monitoring and enhanced firewall and privacy systems. The ultimate aim is to equip the cars of the near future with sophisticated security measures that will make them both resilient and reactive under cyber attack. Security is just one area of the industry that is evolving with the advancements of technology. There is strong demand for skilled, knowledgeable and qualified individuals to fill the motor trade jobs available in today’s market. Our automotive recruitment process is second to none, and we are trusted by the automotive sector to locate the finest candidates for every position from designers and engineers to sales and senior management.