Motor trade recruitment was a hot topic at CDX 16

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CDX 2016, the largest automotive expo in the UK, took place at Silverstone on 24th May. The event was much larger than last year’s edition. It included stands featuring products from over 100 manufacturers throughout the supply chain, workshops, keynotes courtesy of figures from some of the biggest names in the industry, and interviews with experts.

The latter included a session with four bosses of leading car dealerships in the UK. The interview focused on motor trade recruitment and the huge challenges it presents. The executives discussed how important it was to attract and retain talent amongst other things, looking at what is currently being done and where improvements can be made.

John Tordoff, the executive at JCT600, looked over figures from a recent meeting of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) regarding the number of potential graduates who choose to enter the motor trade. He claimed the number was very low and that work is needed to improve the image of the sector. One thing he claimed that needed to be done was increase knowledge of the variety of different careers that are on offer. This would help to attract a wider array of talented graduates.

Ken Savage, executive at Perrys, suggested that the major challenge that dealers face is the fact that they need to change if they want to attract and retain staff. He pointed at a need to look at working hours and workplace environments to ensure they are enticing candidates rather than deterring them from looking at a career in the industry.

Recruiting has changed a lot according to Ridegway’s John O’Hanlon. He said they have held evenings designed to look at talent as well as utilising social media as part of their advertising strategies when they have jobs to fill.

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