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If you are a trained and qualified automotive mechanic, or possess skills and abilities which have an affinity for any aspect of the automobile industry, it will not have escaped your attention that the most prestigious and prominent of motor industry jobs are seldom – if ever – advertised or listed in any general employment opportunities sections of newspapers or the internet. We at John Gibson Associate (JGA) are the reason for this being the case.

For over twenty five years we have been considered the leading consultants in the United Kingdom for ensuring that only the most able and most suited of candidates are presented to companies and businesses for employment positions. Our proven skill and adept ability in doing this means that several of the leading names in the automotive industry no longer actively advertise positions available within their organizations, instead approaching us directly to meet their requirements.

If you are someone with the career aspirations – and talent – to suit one of the most prominent, prestigious and respected companies in the automobile industry, we can only offer an apology for the fact that you will not on your own have found the premier, high profile kind of motor industry jobs you sought being advertise anywhere. In reading this, though, you can take comfort from the fact that you have now discovered where and how the best candidates are found and selected for the best positions.

Whether you are recently qualified with high grade skills or are an established, well respected name in the industry seeking a fresh challenge, we at JGA can ensure you find the perfect position for you. We conduct intelligent and industry specific competency and suitability testing for all our candidates, allowing us to understand their character and aspirations as much as their skills and abilities. This ensures that we only every guide you towards positions within companies that your disposition is complementary to, always striving to create a perfect match between employers and employees in respect of values, outlook and approach.

With literally hundreds of positions available – the vast majority of them entrusted to us at JGA alone to fill – we encourage all professional, dedicated individuals who are seeking motor industry jobs to register with us and upload their CV. This will be assessed and, if appropriate, further interviews will be conducted. Our company values and our approach are focused on ensuring the prestige automotive businesses we represent are supplied with only the best of the best in terms of employee candidates. If with confidence you believe you are the best of the best, we want to hear from you and help you get the career you should have.