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I recently came across an interesting article, questioning the various methods about motivating Automotive Sales Staff and it got me thinking. So I asked some of my Clients what they believed helped to motivate their Sales Staff to their full potential.

1. Believe in the product. They must believe that selling their product to a prospective customer will be of benefit to them. After all, is the it something they would buy themselves?

2. Customer Base – is the product right for your customers. They may like your products but are they in a position to purchase them? Realistic sales leads are a must if you’re going to keep your sales team happy, motivated and efficient.

3. Financial Incentives – Are you paying the correct commission amount? This ties in a little with being able to attract the correct customer base. Are you rewarding your automotive sales team with a financial benefits that are realistic for them to hit?

4. Selling Tools and the Working Environment – Customer Relationship Management Tool, Do you have the tools in place so that your automotive sales people can succeed?  If they cannot effectively access their own little slice of your customer base, then they definitely won’t be motivated! This can be anything from an up to date Referral Programme, Props, a Clean Showroom, State of the art service department… a good working environment aides confidence, not only in staff moral but for the products and company in general.

5. Adequate Training – Do you have a training programs in place. If your automotive sales staff are knowledgeable and confident about the products they’re selling and representing, they’ll more often than not be making that all important close on a sale on a regular basis.(remove). If your staff aren’t confident about what they’re selling, those insecurities are usually picked up by the customer.

6. Finally, do you have the right salespeople? Trying to fit square pegs into round holes is impossible Are you attracting the best in the business? If not do something about it! Working with a trusted resourcing partner within Automotive Recruitment can
help pay dividends for you and your business. At JGA we take the time and effort to get to know your business and how you operate.

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