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New research published in Motor Trader Magazine shows that 40 per cent of British motorists will complete all their research for their next car online.
Half of motorists will browse dealerships before they buy their next car and almost 60 per cent will test drive a vehicle before they buy it.
Chris Green, co-founder and sales director of, which carried out the research, said today’s car buyers are well informed and visit dealer showrooms armed with information.
“But despite the growing influence of the internet on car buying choice, many consumers still want to visit a dealership and feel the metal, first hand.
“The rising cost of motoring and the high standards of performance and reliability offered by almost all car manufacturers, has lead to a growing number of consumers who are no longer brand loyal and are buying their cars purely on price, the finance deal and MPG.
“Manufacturers and dealers have a great opportunity to engage non-brand loyal consumers earlier on in the car buying process, when consumers are short listing their cars.
"Without doubt, test drives and showroom visits could be increased if manufacturers and dealers targeted people who are most likely to consider their cars during the research stage."