Mobile phone distraction is a growing problem on the roads

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As specialists in motor industry jobs, we are always interested in road safety and the other health and safety aspects of our business, and there has been some interesting new research on this matter recently. Campaigners on road safety are warning that, if changes aren’t made soon, the biggest killer on the UK’s roads will soon be mobile phone distraction, surpassing the number of accidents caused by drink driving.

Statistics suggest that the number of motorists using mobile phones whilst driving has risen to epidemic proportions and as a result of this, is expected to be the biggest single cause of injuries and deaths on the roads next year.

Recently, the Transport Minister posed the idea of doubling the current penalty for mobile phone use whilst driving to 6 licence points. However, any changes will not come into effect until the next parliament at the earliest. Campaigners are even pressing for a one-year ban on driving and points.

The Department of Transport has released figures that reveal 378 accidents were reported in 2012 that involved mobile phones which is more than any year on record and resulted in 548 casualties – including 17 deaths. Motoring experts say that this figure is a false impression of the true scale of the problem, as many of the incidents are accounted for as “in-vehicle distraction”.